2020 Course Instructor Titles

The following is intended as a resource of Instructor published titles.  Instructors without books currently in print are not listed on our website.  Visit learn.chq.org to view the full current catalog, sign up for classes and workshops, and find out more information on participating instructors.

Please note: unless otherwise noted, these pages list books written by the course instructors, not books recommended or required for the courses.

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Allenby, Braden

Baum, Naomi L.

Bertram, Lillian-Yvonne

Biddinger, Mary

Black, Ralph

Calvocoressi, Gabrielle

Carlin, Kelly

Eidus, Janice

Feeney, Mary K.

Galef, David

Giffels, David

Greene, Brian

Griffin, Maureen Ryan

Hamlin, Kimberly A.

Henderson, Eleanor

Jakiela, Lori

Joseph, Allison

Lebwohl, Benjamin

Luchsinger, Heidi

Matthews, Charlotte

Meacham, Jon

Metres, Philip

Miller, Liz

Noble, Randon Billings

Oyler, Elizabeth

Payes, Robin Stevens

Plum, Hilary

Sandel, Michael

Spremulli, Pam

Stefko, Janice [course materials]

Svalina, Mathias

Wang, Jack

White, Jacob

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