Chautauqua Writers' Center & Literary Journal

The Chautauqua Writers' Center is a lively community of writers at all levels of development who cultivate the courage, craft, and vision necessary to grow as artists under the tutelage of nationally recognized authors.  Since the Institution's founding in 1874, the Chautauqua philosophy has always been that everyday life should integrate leisure, education, fine arts, and spirituality. Educational pursuit and artistic enrichment should not be confined to separate spaces or designated hours. Spirituality is not defined and shared only within sacred walls or books of prayer. The Chautauqua way of life encompasses all of the ways we enrich our lives: learning on vacation, leisure in work, and passion for art and life in all activities. In the pages of Chautauqua, readers will find a Chautauqua Season between covers. Also, in keeping with the values of Chautauqua, each issue has four sections: Life of the Spirit, Life in Art, Life Lessons, and Life at Leisure.

The Chautauqua Literary Journal is published once each year to celebrate the opening of the Chautauqua Institution Summer Season.