How can you …

  • Become a property mogul at Chautauqua Institution?
  • Be a guest conductor for the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra?
  • Pass through the Main Gate and collect $200?

Chautauqua-Opoly will provide all the above and much more.

Play the Chautauqua-Opoly board game and experience one of the things for which Chautauqua is most cherished – spending time in fun and relaxation with family and friends. Buy, trade, and build on properties based on Chautauqua’s four pillars of Education, Religion, Arts, and Recreation.   The game is played by the same rules as that other, most famous of property trading games, and comes with property deed cards, molded inns and cottages, “Chautauqua Fund” and “Opportunity” card decks, Miller Bell Tower “money,” and pewter game pieces depicting a bell tower, musical note, sailboat, tennis racket, book, and golf cart. 

Perfect for both long-standing and recently-introduced Chautauquans (the deed and playing cards encompass a great deal of information on the Institution's history, properties, and programs), we hope this game finds a place in every Chautauquan's home.

Sold exclusively by Chautauqua Bookstore.

Price: $24.95

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Chautauqua-Opoly boxwashed finish embroidered chautauqua institution caps"my weekend is booked" sleepshirt"Life is better in Chautauqua" sign