FamilyLore Board Game


Everyone loves FamilyLore Game because...'s about you and those you love! Learn about your family and tell your own family stories as you travel around the Victorian-style Game Board.

...the game becomes unique to your family! The unusual feature of FamilyLore Game is that you personalize it by writing Story Card questions about your family.

...everyone gets involved! The object is to get everyone involved in your family's lore -- stories, traditions, ancestors, relatives, jokes, trips, parties, cars, pets, school experiences -- the stuff of every family.

...all ages have fun!  It brings families and friends together around the facts, events, and values important to them.

...Players' Pieces can be personalized! Photographs can be mounted on Player Pieces for each player.

Each game includes:

- Playing Board
- Serendipity Cards (60)
- Theme Cards (600)
- Player Pieces (10)
- Pencils (5)
- Chips (30)
- Die (1)
- FamilyLore Game Directions

Price: $29.95