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2019 Lecture Recordings

2019 SEASON -- June 22-August 25

    WEEK 1: Moments that Changed the World   

  WEEK 2: Uncommon Ground  

  WEEK 3: A Planet in Balance  

  WEEK 4: The New Map of Life  

  WEEK 5: The Life of the Spoken Word  

  WEEK 6: What's Funny? 

  WEEK 7: Grace: A Celebration of Extraordinary Gifts  

  WEEK 8: Shifting Global Power  


There will be a timelag for 2019 Lectures to be made available online.  For more up-to-date offerings, order by phone from the Odland Screenhouse (9-5 M-F, 9-1 Sat, 10-2 Sun) at 716.357.6496.